Cinematographer / Camera Operator / IATSE 669

About Me

Kenneth has always been interested in filmmaking and has decided to make a lifetime commitment into perfecting his craft. He started out learning the techniques from editing while taking some part time courses at Art Institutes in Burnaby. He then traveled across to Japan, Tokyo to pursue his dream of filmmaking. After graduating in Tokyo Visual Arts College, Kenneth worked as a camera assistant and camera operator for music events, concerts and music videos.

In 2011, Kenneth moved back to Vancouver and continue to pursue his film making journey. The movies he has shot has garnered international recgonition and has also been screened at TIFF, Cannes, VIFF, Bronx Independent Film Festvial, and many other film festivals around the world.

Kenneth is currently a member of IATSE 669.

TEL: 604.818.0947